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Name is nothing but a definition, a symbolism of human being unique personification. We live in a world of truth, engulfed by immense darkness of false ideas which we are incapable to differentiate. However, it is in our need and responsibility to find the truth and its meaning so that we will be able to gain satisfaction in the end or at least proofs that is hoped to stand, in the worst case ever, if happens. Lets us pray to the One who are the Truth, so that we will be the enlighten ones. May He help us carry our burden of life, with Him we carry the hope that we will have salvation both in this world and beyond.

Potential for Nusantara people.

If there is one hope to save the Nusantara people i.e. people who speak Malaysian-Indonesian language should be entitled to those. People say that the idea of “Kesatuan Nusantara” is a difficult to be accomplished, which I have no comment … Continue reading

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Hello Malaysia.

Well, here we are, in the speck of universe among millions of galaxy in it. Mathematical calculation shows that there are more stars in the universe than the total amount of sands in earth. That’s how big our universe is. … Continue reading

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