Potential for Nusantara people.

If there is one hope to save the Nusantara people i.e. people who speak Malaysian-Indonesian language should be entitled to those. People say that the idea of “Kesatuan Nusantara” is a difficult to be accomplished, which I have no comment to the current local situations. 

But if you look it this way, then remember that Malaysia is full with expertise in economic and biotechnology fields and Indonesia hold many unused land and human resource including strong military. I believe a federation signed by these two nations will benefit both sides so profoundly. Just imagine if a federation control Malacca Strait, surely our economies will improve throughout years by a good increment of GDP. I assume that it will be at least 6% per annum, truly amazing. 

Indonesia is a place where aspect of spirituality are quite stabilized, looking at how freedom of religion can be freely roaming. Look how their Muslim and Hindu Javanese communities living together.However in Malaysia, the socio-politic situations appeared to be about race rather than religion, yet all races which composed of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan, Iban and many other ethnics can live together tolerantly with each other. Although I truly condemned the rules enforced by the government to differentiate people, however when I look at past history of major empires in the past, many of them have used positive cause on the name of state entity.

Lets look at the past empires that used justified good cause in fixing the world, as well in showing their state identities:

  • Nazi Germany, The Third Reich (1933-1945). During those years, Hitler leadership to push manufacturing industries particularly for producing war machines like submarines, tanks and fighting airplanes. However their fanaticism with the name of German people as the heir of Aryan people allow harsh punishments to Jewish people due to The Fuhrer claim: that Jewish people control their economy such that it brought to the falls of The First Reich Germany since 1800s. 
  • The British Empire. During 1920, this empire controlled one-fourth of the land and it was stated that “the sun never sets on the British Empire”. Many countries have been on protectorate under this empire; Malaya, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, The Thirteen Colonies, and many states in middle east. They claimed it was “the white men burdens” to improve all the civilizations in the world. Proof? Scientific discoveries and the introduction of civil laws.
  • Umayyah Islamic Caliphate. During 700s, just in one hundred years since the advanced of so called Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h., able to have a vast empire stretching from Spain, North Africa, Jerusalem and whole Arab lands until the border of Pakistan. Their concept of spiritual entity is more to be defined as the burden to spread the teachings of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, to bring mankind to God. This is also the reason why many Muslim countries want to re-establish the caliphate.


My point is that people live in South East Asia should belong only to one race, that is Nusantara people, whom speak in local Nusantara language; Malaysian and Indonesian language. In fact, in the past the Czar of Nusantara have always change in powers from Srivijaya Empire, Majapahit Empire, Malacca Sultanate, Acheh Sultanate and Johor-Riau Sultanate. 

Srivijaya Empire around 8th century.


I’m pretty confident that both Indonesia and Malaysia will flourish in democracy, and the land of rights equalities. The only path in achieving such cause is to increase the pace towards political maturity. Just a logical brag though.. 

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Hello Malaysia.

Well, here we are, in the speck of universe among millions of galaxy in it. Mathematical calculation shows that there are more stars in the universe than the total amount of sands in earth. That’s how big our universe is. But we should be glad of this, because this fact allow us to observe natural laws happening.

If you want to know what I like to brag about, then know that I have deep interest in mathematics, physics, history, politics and civil rights. So do know that I am really tolerant to listen to ideas discussed in any civil issues. Which what my country need right now.


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